Coos Networks Under Construction

The Coos Networks Transformation is Underway

Changes to the site are anticipated to go live in January 2017 though, you will see some online before the official re-launch,

The updated site will foster greater community engagement by increasing opportunities for local leaders to connect with one another and share new information about the region.

The new Coos Networks site will be open to anyone who is committed to participating in the network. All users, whether they are joining or continuing, MUST actively contribute to the network regularly to keep their membership in good standing.

To build community and strengthen network connections, by 12/1 any member who has not been active in the last year will be removed from the network.


What is in the works? A network that…

…is informative and easy to use.

… helps members build their professional and social networks.

…fosters conversations about important issues facing the region including: the local food system; the economy; energy generation and use; workforce development; education, and more.

…collects and shares stories with a broad audience that cares deeply about Coos County and surrounding communities in Vermont, Maine, Quebec, and Northern New Hampshire

…connects local, regional, and statewide news outlets with what is happening in the North Country.

What you can do in the between now and the re-launch of the site.

  • Continue to use the eblast and shared news features
  • Communicate directly with members by messaging them
  • Email us - Interested in joining the group of bloggers who will contribute content in 2017? 

Thank you for your patience during this process. We are excited to use your feedback to improve the utility of this community for the region. 

Sasha Tracy, Coos Networks Community Manager


  • Kirsten
  • Chris
  • Chuck
  • Lisa
  • Karen
  • Larry

Welcome to Coös NetWorks

Coös NetWorks supports the people and communities in the region actively working to preserve our cultural and natural resources and build vitality throughout the region. This is a meeting place for exchanging ideas, sharing  information and deepening relationships across disciplines and geography.

This platform is made possible through the generous support of the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation


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